How to Lead a Healthy 100 Year Life Starting in Your 50s:Satoyama Living

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The third factor to consider when you want to lead a healthy 100 year life is your environment; where you live affects your health.


Dan Buettner who discovered Blue Zones says that the environment is the most crucial factor to determine one’s happiness, and I think it has tremendous influence on our health, too.


One thing all those 5 Blue Zones have in common is that they are all Satoyama areas. If you live in Satoyama, I think you will more likely lead a healthy lifestyle.




It is easier to practice Ikigai Diet in Satoyama since you can grow your own food and you can be in touch with local bacteria to make fermented food and so on.

satoyama walking

You can go Satoyama walking, running, and cycling.




You are constantly moving by doing all kinds of work around the house.


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