Do you want to be wealthy, but also retain your spirituality and integrity?

As it is said “No one can serve two masters,” in the Bible, prosperity and spirituality usually don’t go together.

Well, many people say that’s not true, and there are ways to integrate the two.

Is that so?

Then how come those people are dressed up in an Armani suit, driving a Porsche, and living in a mansion with a swimming pool?

I don’t think they have questioned the issue deep enough to touch the core of the problem.

The system we live in where the wealth is concentrated in the top 1% and the rich get richer and richer, the poor get poorer and poorer.

Is it also as a result of the law of attraction?

We can just utilize it and get into the top 1%, too? That is the solution?

I don’t think so.

I am not interested in a method to help me become successful, I am interested in a system where everyone can be prosperous and happy, and pass the prosperity on to seven generations into the future.

Omi-merchants were active from medieval to the 19th century Japan. They were one of the most successful merchants in Japan during that period. They were not only prosperous, but also they were well respected.

A few years ago, I met a descendant of an Omi-merchant, and he was so generous that he sold me the mansion his family had been living, for almost free.

Since I started living in the house, I have been feeling very different as if a spirit of his ancestors came into my body. I began Zen meditation, too, because it seemed to have been a practice of his family.

Omi-merchants had a secret to be prosperous and making the society happy at the same time.

With this 200-year-old secret, and pulling all modern studies together, I meditated on the system where everyone can be prosperous and happy.

Sachiaki Takamiya