Designing Your Environment to Lead a Healthy 100 Year Life

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This is the video that Dan Buettner says the environment is the most vital factor to determine your happiness.


I don’t think the environment is necessarily the most crucial factor to determine your happiness or health since different factors influence one another and designing your life holistically is the way to go, but the environment is a powerful thing and it creates the base of your lifestyle.


For many years I had lived in Tokyo even though I didn’t like living there so much. Tokyo was very convenient after all; all publishers were there and it was the place to be if I wanted to be successful as a writer. It is the same for other occupations, too; it is easier to find work there. So many people are stuck there because of it.


But then, one day I made a conscious decision to move to the countryside where I had always wanted to live. and it changed my life completely. It raised my level of happiness tremendously: I got to live in a much bigger house, I got to have a garden to grow vegetables, and I even got a room with a view of a rice field, which helped my writing. I have less stress now and this stress free lifestyle is definitely contributing to my health.



Therefore, if you can, move to a place where you feel happier. It doesn’t have to be the countryside, even a small city where you can have a more relaxing life is better than living in a big city.


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