How to Stay in Tune with Energies of Super Moons and Other Celestial Events

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nordic on a cloudy day

I have been going Satoyama nordic walking almost every day, even on a cloudy day. It has a different feeling from sunny days, and I can enjoy the scenery of the mountain covered with cloud.


The reason why I switched from Satoyama running to Satoyama nordic walking is that I can combine it with my meditation and I feel I want to meditate a lot this year.


Many spiritual leaders say that this year is the beginning of a new cycle, and a lot of things are already happening such as upheavals in the stock market.


Celestial events like last night’s super moon and lunar eclipse are other things which seem to indicate that something is different this year.


We have more celestial events coming up, and you want to tune into those energies.


First, you need to make sure that your goals are Sanpo-Yoshi. Whether they make you happy, make people around you happy, and the society in general happy.


In the new cycle, integrity will become more and more important. As the paradigm shifts from the old to new, the truth will come out in all areas, and your intentions will matter.


In the old energy, you could manifest anything if you knew the knowhow and focused heavily on it. That was the teaching of many people who taught the law of attraction. But from now on, only the wishes which are in line with the cosmic energy will materialize, another word, only Sanpo-Yoshi wishes will become reality.


You will start seeing the people who are acting in accordance with old energy going down no matter how powerful they have been, and they will be replaced with the people living in the new paradigm.


You need to learn the success philosophies to shine in the new era, and ZENWSP is one of them.


I said meditate daily. It is because you want to be in tune with the cosmic energy constantly so that you don’t drift away from your life mission. Why did you come here and what do you want to accomplish in this lifetime?  Your goal isn’t to become a financially well off person, but to grow spiritually and achieve what you decided to do before you were born.


For some of you, becoming successful is a mean to achieve your mission, but it is a mean, not your life purpose. You can have your means to be this year’s goals, but you want to pay attention to your life purpose this year much more than before.


Since body, mind, and spirit are related, you want to maintain your health. Eat well and live naturally. You can practice Ikigai Diet. You can spend a lot of time outdoors; working in your vegetable garden, taking a walk in the forest, and stuff like that.


You want to think positive. Focus on positive things happening around you. You will probably continue to see a lot of negative incidents on the news, but don’t focus on them.


Check celestial events, put them on your calendar and meditate on those occasions.


You want to make a habit of star gazing or moon viewing anyway so that you won’t miss the events.


Even if you miss the events, you don’t need to worry. If you meditate daily, you catch the cosmic energy at some point.


And the most important thing is that you practice the new energy in your daily life, not just meditating on it.


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