Broccoli Miso Soup Turned Out to be a Super Food

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I have been making all kinds of miso soup these days and one I like is broccoli miso soup. Actually, I learned this in Germany back in the days when I lived in Europe. I was sharing a flat with a macrobiotic guy and he often put broccoli in miso soup. Mind you, it isn’t common in Japan. People were always surprised when I made broccoli miso soup after going back to Japan.


Recently I discovered that broccoli is very good for us. I knew it was good since I included brocoli as a vegetable which contains dietary fiber in my book IKIGAI DIET, but what I didn’t know was that it was considered to be one of the best.


It was chosen to be number one in this video Top 10 Healthiest Foods


That makes my broccoli miso soup a super food since it has miso and broccoli. The one I made today has tofu, wakame seaweed, konbu seaweed (I got dashi out of konbu, which makes it vegan miso soup), daikon, chinese cabbage, and thin fried tofu as well.


It went well with Udon pasta.


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