Another New Year’s Resolution is to Eat Miso Soup Every Morning

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Another New Year’s resolution is to eat miso soup every morning. Well, I had been eating muesli, porridge, or toast for breakfast until the end of last year because I love drinking coffee in the morning and they usually go well with coffee. However, I found out that eating miso soup in the morning was very good for us, which I already knew but was too lazy to cook miso soup which would take much longer to prepare.


What pushed me was for my son. I was feeding him with the same breakfast without coffee. They weren’t bad: organic muesli with organic soymilk, organic oats, and home-made organic whole-wheat bread with home-made jam. Still we had fermented brown rice which he gets to eat only at night since he eats white rice for his school lunch. Switching to Japanese breakfast would give him more opportunities to eat fermented brown rice and miso soup.


So this year we have been having fermented brown rice with nori seaweed, and miso soup which usually contains wakame seaweed. Both nori and wakame are seaweeds which mean WA as in MA GO WA YA SA SHI I.


Watch this.


Another trigger that made me start cooking miso soup in the morning was a comment I got for the following video.

What do you think is better to take first thing in the morning, warm water with lemon and green tea or miso soup? Thanks.


And my response was the following.

Thank you for your comment. I would choose miso soup between the two personally. It is good to drink miso soup in the morning since it warms up your body. Drinking water the first thing in the morning is also good, but not warm water, cold water. It is good to drink about 1.5 liters of water per day, so you can drink water in the morning, lunch time and dinner time. I would drink a glass of water first, then as breakfast, I would have brown rice and miso soup.


I knew that miso soup was good in the morning because it warmed up your body and miso as fermented food was good for our intestines, but I didn’t know about the health benefit of miso soup in detail.


So, I did my research.


And you know what I discovered?


Well, I will share it with you in the next post.


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