Queen guitarist Brian May signed anti-Henoko base petition as organizer readies for White House rally

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Queen guitarist Brian May tweeted to ask people to sign anti-Henoko base petition and they gor over 200000 people to sign it. It is now submitted to the White House.




As I said before Okinawa has been going through difficult times with the presence of the U.S. bases.


By the way, the cover picture is Goya which is a vegetable eaten a lot in the Northern part of Okinawa. Okinawa which was featured in Blue Zones is this Northen part and people have very healthy diet there. On the contrary the Southern part of Okinawa where many of the bases are located, has the highest obesity rate in Japan with strong American influence in their diet.


The construction of Henoko base will destroy Okinawa’s beautiful beaches, but the U.S. military presence in the island itself has created many problems for many years including rapes, murders, and plane crashes.


Read this for more details.

Why Hasn’t Okinawa, One of the Blue Zones, Been a Happy Place?


I hope the White House will take this petition seriously.


Denny Tamaki, the Opponent of U.S Military Bases Won the Gubernatorial Election in Okinawa


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