One of My New Year’s Resolutions Is Going Nordic Walking Regularly

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I started going Nordic walking last year because it was recommended to me by an acupuncturist called Dr. Hirai. He told me that nordic walking helped me make my posture straight.


However I went nordic walking only a few times last year since I was busy going jogging which I also took up. I thought jogging was better as an aerobic exercise, plus nordic walking seemed to be more for elderly people .


Nordic walking can be a good aerobic exercise if I walk fast and long enough. If it has a benefit of making your posture straight, which affects all areas of your health according to Dr. Hirai, maybe I should give it a try.



Then I noticed something else. I can enjoy the view more. It is like regular Satoyama walking, I can pay attention to the scenery more than when I jog. Jogging is more strenuous and you don’t have a room in your mind to appreciate the surroundings.


If you want to combine your exercise and meditation, it is better. Satoyama cycling can work as well, but I have to cycle much longer to make it an excercise.


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