The Proper Way of Praying at a Shrine and How I Prayed at Tarobo Shrine

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I said that appreciating gods for their blessings they have already given you was the proper way of praying at a Shinto shrine, and it was common knowledge  among shrine specialists. Well, Hiroyuki Ehara, a famous Japanese psychic, is one of the shrine specialists, who talks about it.


Therefore when I go to a shrine, I always thank gods for their blessings and don’t ask them to give me more blessings.


On top of that I do something else.


I usually report what I did and declare what I am going to do. It is more like talking to your boss.


This can be done only when you feel you are acting in accordance with your life mission. In that case, you are kind of working for gods and you don’t appreciate your boss’s support to carry out your task, do you? You just report back to them and explain how you did it. You don’t want to ask your boss to give you support to carry out the next mission either, you just tell them what your plans are.


For me, appreciating for the blessings or asking for the blessings are like gods are doing something on your behalf, such as making you rich, healthy and happy, but if you are working to fulfill their wishes, it is different.


Having said that, I am not working for gods. It isn’t like they give me assignments. I choose what I do and it happens to be the same as what gods want. Creating a society where everyone can be free and happy has been my life time dream and it is my personal desire.


So in a way I should appreciate them for their support, since I gain pleasure by completing my tasks.

太郎坊I went to Tarobo Shrine 2 years ago, and I declared that I was going to write Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity and start spreading messages in English. I wanted to go back there to report how that task went in the last 2 years. Reporting back was the main purpose of visiting there this time.


We always ask for blessings but we often forget to report back. You can ask for blessings at a shrine, I am not saying you shouldn’t, but remember to go back to the shrine and report how it went and appreciate their support.


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