How to Pray at a Shrine to Manifest Your Wishes

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Churches, temples, and shrines are often located on ley lines or at places which have strong energy and the law of attraction works better at those power spots, but the question is how to do it.


In Japan, a lot of people visit a shinto shrine to pray during New Year holidays, and we usually ask for blessings on our health, business, academics, and any other matters.


However, that is not the way we should pray, for shrine specialists, it isn’t. Another word, most people in Japan don’t know the proper way of praying at a shrine.


I went to Watamuki Shrine which is the main shrine in Hino on the 2nd of January. On the 1st day, I attended the ceremony at a local shrine as I told you.


This year is special because it is the year of the wild pig in Chinese zodiac and Watamuki Shrine has a strong connection with wild pigs.


裏参りTherefore, they opened the back of the shrine for public. Apparently, you get closer to gods if you come to the back part.


The answer to my question, how to pray at a shrine, was written there. 神恩感謝 It means to thank the blessings from gods.  Yes, instead of asking for blessings, you thank gods for the blessings they have already given you.


This is the same as my method of using the law of attraction. I always appreciate what I already have and things I have already accomplished, instead of visualizing my future success. In this way I always feel abundant. I feel I am successful now and this very feeling of satisfaction is the magnet to attract more success. Successful people tend to succeed more because they have this feeling of abundance.


That is what I talked about in this video, too.

Also in my book Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity, much more in detail.


Yes, that is a great way to manifest what you want in your life and it is the proper way of praying at a shrine.


Having said that, the way I pray at a shrine is a little different, especially the way I prayed at Tarobo Shrine this year. Well, I will tell you about it in the next post.


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