Shiga’s Power Spot: Tarobo Shrine

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I said that visiting a power spot regularly would be good to open up your intuitive side, Tarobo Shrine in Shiga Prefecture is one such power spot.


I mentioned it in this video, too.


You can climb 740 steps to get to the Tarobo Shrine and this ascension is symbolic as if you are getting to a higher realm, plus making strides is one of the themes of this year and walking up stairs is symbolising it, too.


On top of that, it is a great excercise. You know, one of the secrets of the centenarians in Blue Zones is that many of them walk up and down a hill regularly.

太郎坊夫婦岩Around the shrine is rocky.

太郎坊参拝Finally, I reached the shrine.


By the way, do you know how to pray at a Shinto shrine or at any type of shrine to manifest your wishes?


Well, I will tell you how I usually do it in the next post.


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