How to Plan for 2019 the Yin Way

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I said that 2019 was a year of transformation, this is because there are a lot of changes this year in the outside world such as Brexit and the change of the emperor in Japan, but I also feel the energy is shifting this year. Some say that the 7 year cycle which began in 2012 ended last year and the new cycle begins this year, and others say the 10 year cycle which began in 2009 ended last year and the new cycle begins this year. I feel the new cycle is a paradigm shift toward the Aquarian Age, and the Aquarian energy will be much stronger this year. Therefore it is more crucial to act in accordance with your source and life mission.


One element of the Aquarian Age is feminine energy or Yin energy and we need to be in touch with our intuitive side a lot more this year to advance our activities.


Unexpected opportunities unfold every day and you can take advantage of them. When the wind is blowing on your behalf, it is so much easier to move forward than pushing yourself.


To-do list

A To-do list is a list of things you need to do within a specific time. For example, in a monthly To-do list, you can get something like fix the door of the hut. That means you can fix the door any day within the one-month period. It gives more flexibility in your schedule and it will allow you to go with the flow more than using a time schedule which I introduced yesterday.


Open Days Can Help You Go With the Flow

Another way to incorporate the Yin (going with the flow) element into your business is by including it in your time schedule through the creation of an open day. If you have a weekly schedule, you can have one open day where you will have nothing planned for that day. The day will remain open for you to act in a spontaneous manner.


For example, on that day, you can give your friend a surprise visit, you can take a walk in the forest, or you can go to a shopping mall. Just follow your inspiration. It is the best time to act based on your synchronicity. You can just let the day go by through doing things that may seem unproductive.


If you have a monthly time schedule, you can set aside 3-4 open days to balance your planning with your spontaneous freedom. With that said, it is vital to know that an open day isn’t an off day or a holiday. Holidays and off days are there for you to relax but an open day is a working day where you work spontaneously without a plan. To balance the two concepts above, think of the following example.


A motor boat has a navigation map that helps you to sail your boat toward a certain direction. However, there are times when as you sail, you may encounter strong winds blowing toward your destination that force you to stop the motor and let the boat go with the wind.


Meditate Regularly

Start your day with meditation. In this way you are always in tune with your intuitive side. You can change your plan based on your meditation if your schedule allows you to do so.


Spend Time in the Nature or Power Spots Regularly

You can visit a so-called power spot once a month to help you stay in tune with your intuitive side. Or spending time in a mountain or forest is good, too. Gazing at stars and the moon will also help.


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