How to Drink Enzyme Juice

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Once the juice is made, you put a little bit of the liquid into a glass and add a lot of water.


You can adjust the amount depending on how sweet you want your juice to be.


Now, you don’t want to drink it so much even though I said it could be a good alternative to raw food. You can regard enzyme juice to be a substitute to regular fruit juice. Whenever you feel like drinking fruit juice, or your kids want to drink juice, you can use enzyme juice as an alternative.


I said that because some of you might decide to drink several glasses of enzyme juice every day just like when you wanted to eat several bananas each day. Remember it contains sugar, it is broken down into glucose but still, it is sugar and excessive intake can be harmful.


Moderation is the key to a healthy diet. It is always better to eat or drink a little bit of different types of food to keep balance.


Trying to get enzymes and calories only from enzyme juice isn’t a balanced diet. Even natto, which I regard to be the king of healthy food, I wouldn’t eat it with every meal. Maybe with one meal a day.


You want to eat all kinds of food; grains, raw vegetables and cooked vegetables, fruit, fermented food, legumes, potatoes. and so on. Another word, MA GO WA YA SA SHI I.



For breakfast, you can eat seasonal, locally grown fruit.


For lunch, you can eat brown rice or fermented brown rice, which is also called enzyme brown rice in Japan, and MA GO WA YA SA SHI I as side dishes. You may want to include salad if you want to eat a lot of raw food.


For dinner, you can have brown rice or fermented brown rice with natto, miso soup and pickles, along with MA GO WA YA SA SHI I as other side dishes. Again, you may want to include salad if you want to eat a lot of raw food.


It changes depending on seasons. In winter time, I would eat miso soup and brown rice or fermented brown rice as breakfast to warm my body up. Or eat oatmeal.


Enzyme juice can be drunken as snacks.


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