Making YouTube Videos Can Be New Ikigai

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I am getting a little hooked with this YouTube things. It is an interesting way of expressing yourself. I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos in the last few weeks, and some of them have several hundred thousand viewers. They have become influential media of their own.


One of them said that she used to appear on TV, but stopped doing it because she didn’t make as much money as YouTube but had to do things she didn’t want to do. With YouTube, she was the actress and the director, she had complete freedom and could make more money, travel around, choose to live where she wanted to live.


I have a feeling that YouTube will take over TV within a few years.


I have always wanted to start a local media in Hino Town, and YouTube can be a great platform.


Writing has always been my Ikigai and it will continue to be, but YouTube has some elements that I can’t express through writing, and it can add to my way of expression.


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