Having Ikigai Dinner with an Award Winning Sake Schichi Hon Yari Gives me a lot of Hygge

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A Sake from Shiga Prefecture won an award in France last week. It is a Sake called Wataribune of Shichi Hon Yari. Shichi Hon Yari has a lot of good Sakes including organic one, and it is one of my favorite Sakes. I am so happy to hear that Shichi Hon Yari won an award in Kura Master 2018 which was a Sake contest held in Paris.

sichihonnyariwataribunewataribuneinacupI tried Wataribune for the first time, and it was absolutely fantastic.

dinner with wataribuneIt won the award because it was thought to go well with French food, but I think it goes well with Japanese food, too.

They have a website in English, too.


I think you can visit their Kura.


Well, talking about alcohol, there is going be a tasting event of a new craft beer in Hino today. I will report it to you in the next post.


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