Satoyama Near Lake Biwa: Hino’s New Craft Beer is Awesome

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There was a pre-opening craft beer tasting event held by Hino Brewing at Blumen Hugel Farm yesterday.


Actually I had another engagement, but who could say no to beer, especially when it is held at a place 20 minutes on foot from our house(meaning the only place to go drinking within our walking distance), and it happens to be my son’s favorite place.


So here I am.


It is cream ale, and tastes fantastic.



HINO BREWING is a craft brewery opening in summer 2018. Based in Hino Town, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, the home of the original Japanese businessmen, the Hino Omi Merchants, and the Hino Festival which has been going for over 800 years. Hino Brewing is Hiroaki Tanaka (6th generation liquor store owner, Hino resident, Japanese), Sean Chumiecki (Braumeister, Hino resident, Polish) and Tom Vincent (Creative Director, Hino resident, British).


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