Satoyama Cycling Meditation

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Satoyama Cycling can be a holistic sport because it has a meditative element, and today I will share with you a ZENWSP tip to make your Satoyama cycling a powerful meditation.


And it is a perfect day to talk about it since it is August 8th 2018. That means we have the number 888.


888 is a paramount number because it has the vibrations of number 8 appearing tripled. The number 8 manifests wealth and abundance, so when it is tripled, the power of manifestation is amplified.


Wow! That’ s fantastic, I’m gonna be rich.


Not so fast. You will be wealthy and prosperous, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of money will come into your life. 888 also means balance and to do with your life mission: You will be fulfilled in many areas of your life such as your financial life, family life, health, and spiritual growth, by working on your life mission.


In order to help you stay focused on your life mission, meditation is useful.


When you ride your bike in Satoyama, you can pay attention to your surroundings. Pay attention to the mountains, rivers, and rice fields. You can listen to the sound of river stream, frogs, birds, and insects. Feel the 4 elements; earth, air, water, and fire from the sun.


Once you feel you are in tune with nature, you begin appreciating everything you have. Appreciate the scenery, appreciate the fact that you are fit enough to cycle. Then start appreciating things you now have which once were your dreams. For example, if owning a car was your dream some years ago and now you own one, be thankful to the fact. We tend to think about things we don’t have and wish we had them, but we forget about things we have already manifested.


The key to manifestation is to feel good about things we have attracted and continue enjoying them. As a matter of fact, everything we have including the things we didn’t desire is a gift from the universe and there isn’t anything that we don’t benefit. It all serves us in one way or another.


If you can put yourself in that state, that is the best, but if not, start from appreciating things you have now that you desired in the past.


How to Utilize Your Past Successful Experiences to Optimize the Power of the Law of Attraction


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