Four Reasons Why Satoyama Cycling Can be a Holistic Sport

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Four reasons why Satoyama cycling can be a holistic sport.


In the video How to find your Ikigai Part3: How to make society happy, I introduced 5 elements to make society happy, and one of them was being holistic, and one example of being holistic was doing holistic sports. Then I gave some examples of holistic sports such as yoga, taichi, and Quigong.


I also think that Satoyama cycling is a holistic sport and there are four reasons for it.


Unlike ancient physical exercises such as yoga and taichi, cycling doesn’t have a spiritual dimension, and it isn’t carefully designed with a holistic philosophical background. Therefore it can’t be as holistic. Nevertheless, it is good for body, mind, and spirit.


Cycling is a good aerobic exercise and it doesn’t have a problem of damaging your knees like jogging can.


It is environmentally friendly if you use cycling as your means to commute.


It is good for your mind since it provides a moment to immerse yourself in imagination, just like walking or jogging do. As a writer, I get a lot of inspiration while I am walking or cycling.


Cycling, especially Satoyama cycling can be good for your spirit, too. You are surrounded by rivers, rice fields, and mountains, which makes you feel in tune with nature.


Time to time, you can stop at some spots and observe the scenery. Yes, Satoyama cycling can be a form of meditation.


In the next post, I will give you a tip to make your Satoyama cycling a powerful meditation.


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