Satoyama Near Lake Biwa: A Film Showing Event at a Kominka Cafe

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A kominka cafe called da-na in Hino is a socially friendly business I talked about yesterday. It is small, local, environmentally friendly, socially just, and holistic.


It is based in Satoyama, and using an old traditional style Japanese house to preserve the Satoyama culture. It acts as a hub of sustainable minded people in Hino and surrounding areas in Shiga. It is child friendly; there is a space for children to play and most events are open to kids, as well. They often give workshops on yoga and other holistic health activities.

バベルの学校Today, a film showing event was held there. They showed a documentary film called School of Babel.

拓上映会After watching the film, we sat in circle and had a sharing session over lunch. My son was busy eating-haha.


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