The Best Time to Visit Hino is During the Hino Festival

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The best time to visit Hino is during the Hino Festival which will take place from the evening of May 2nd to May 3rd. Hino Festival is similar to Gion Festival in Kyoto; there are many floats called Hikiyama.


It begins in the evening of May 2nd when some Hikiyamas march through the central part of Omi-Hino-merchants-street.




Special viewing windows called “sajiki-mado” are placed at some houses along Omi-Hino-merchants-street during the festival. They can watch the parade from inside.



Last year, we put on our Kimono at the festival.


We have Mikoshi, as well.



Make sure to visit Furusato-kan near the shrine.


It is one of Omi-Hino-merchants’ houses with elegant design.


To come from Kyoto, if you get on Shinkaisoku train, it takes only 30 minutes to Omi-Hachiman.You can catch a bus from the south exit of Omi-Hachiman station. You want to get on a bus going to Kitabataguchi. You can tell the driver that you want to go to the festival, he will tell you where to get off. It takes about 45 minutes.

Visiting the Land of Omi-merchants Part 2: Hino




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