Indian Music and Marche at a Temple was Filled with Hygge and Ikigai because…

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I said that Shiga was a happening place, well, one of the reasons is that it is a collection of many swinging towns, and Hino is one of them.


A few weeks ago, a live music event and marche was held at a temple called Shingyoin.


Many of the new comers had their booths. Some of them participated in Hinomaru Marche. The number of people moving into Hino is increasing, and each time I come to an event like this I always meet a new person. Since I run the Local Network which consists of many new comers, I knew most new faces but recently I can’t keep track of every single one; the number is increasing.


A Kirtan performance was held inside the temple. It was interesting to recite a Hare Krishna mantra at a Buddhist temple.


We had a soothing sitar performance, as well. It was definitely hygge, but it was more than hygge, it was transcending, uplifting your consciousness to float through the ceiling, looking at the temple from above. It gives me the sense of Ikigai, purposeful living. reminding me of why we are here.


On May 3rd, Hino Festival is going to be held, and it is the best time to visit Hino.


You can catch a bus from the south exit of Omi-Hachiman station. You want to get on a bus going to Kitabataguchi. You can tell the driver that you want to go to the festival, he will tell you where to get off.

Visiting the Land of Omi-merchants Part 2: Hino





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