You Can Find A Lot of Hygge in Japanese Satoyama Part3: Onsen

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There is nothing more hyggelig than having a bath at an Onsen, a hot spring in Japan or I would say anywhere in the world, especially in winter.


Having a pint of beer sitting by the fireplace at an English pub after taking a fabulous country walk can be hyggelig, and I do enjoy it very much, and yet, compared to this soothing feeling of being in hot water, it is different. Being soaked in hot water warms your body up entirely from inside, and it gives you such a pleasant feeling especially after a long walk. You can have a beer after the bath, and you feel you are in heaven.


When you talk about hygge, I am afraid there is nothing in comparison. Even sauna can’t match it. Besides, most Japanese hot spring facilities have saunas as well so that you can enjoy both.


One great thing about living in Satoyama is that you can find an Onsen somewhere nearby to make it a daily event. The nearest Onsen from my house is just 15 minutes by car. I especially love outdoor bathtubs. Looking at snow from the hot tub refreshes your mind completely.


By the way I published another book on ZENWSP in Japanese.


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