WorldShift Kyoto Forum 2018 Could be the Beginning of Another Great Transition Starting in Kyoto.

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I attended WorldShift Kyoto Forum 2018 yesterday.


Experts from different walks of life gave presentations on current paradigm shifts taking place in the field of environment, economy, and society. They were all well presented with cutting edge web technology and I was so impressed by both their contents and the way they presented them.


It wasn’t an international forum, although there were a few presenters and participants from overseas, nor was it a forum of government representatives. And yet, I felt it could have as much a global impact as Kyoto Protocol had.


It was a citizens’ forum, and I think a real lasting transformation will be created by people in general public. What is significant about this is that it is happening in Japan where we need the most change. We have seen enough great examples in Europe regarding ecological city designs, education, social welfare systems, and so on. We need to see some initiatives in Asia as well which has a half of the world population.


Transitions in Japan can trigger movements in other Asian countries since our examples are more applicable to them considering the fact that we have similar challenges from our educational systems, political systems and the mentality of the masses who support those structures.


As it is described in a book Ikigai, we have a high standard of health and longevity, but when it comes to happiness, we are way behind as it is shown in the World Happiness Report. Japan is in 51st. Out of those criteria of happiness ; GDP, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom, and corruption; I think we lack in generosity, freedom, and corruption.


Another word if we can bring changes in those areas, we will be able to become a truly happy and healthy country.


Many of the presentations were about the paradigm shifts dealing directly or indirectly with those areas.



with organizers of the event.


with one of the presentators from Sweden.


My worldshift is to implement what I have learnt yesterday to changes which are already taking place in Shiga Prefecture and Hino Town.


★Changes which are already taking place in Shiga Prefecture

Visiting the Land of Omi-merchants Part 5: Shiga, the Environmental Capital of Japan

★Changes which are already taking place in Hino Town

What Happens When Local Culture and Organic Culture merge?



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