You Can Find A Lot of Hygge in Japanese Satoyama Part2: Atsukan

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Another thing makes you feel hygge in Japan is Atsukan, which means warm sake or hot sake. It is almost the equivalent of hot wine in Europe. I remember drinking a glass of hot wine at a country pub in England after taking a long walk and felt how hyggelig moment it was.


You just put sake in a container called Tokkuri and put the Tokkuri in a pan with water.


Then you boil the water to warm the Tokkuri.



When the sake is warmed up, you pour it to a small cup called Ochoko, and drink it.


It is really a hyggelig thing to do in winter.  By the way both Tokkuri and Ochoko are Hinoya’s. Hinoya is a sake brewery the Omi-merchant I bought the house from used to run.


Why did I get a mansion from the Omi-merchant for almost free?


You can find the answer here:

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