I’ll be speaking at Pechakucha night Kyoto

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I talked about Pechakucha night before. It is a talk event taking place over 900 cities around the world.


On November 4th, there will be another Pechakucha night event in Kyoto, and this time, it will be about seeds of sustainability.


Different speakers will be presenting their activities regarding sustainability.


I’ll be one of the speakers talking about ZENWSP. It is going to be my first talk in English in nearly 30 years, so I am kind of nervous even though I am very looking forward to it.


The reason why I am nervous is that the presentation style is unique, something I have never done before. I will have to use 20 slides and I have only 20 seconds to talk about each slide. I have given many talks before but usually they are 1 hour-long or 2 hours long. I had enough time to cover what I wanted to say. This time, I only have 6 minutes and they are divided into 20 sections.


I have finished making the slides, I now have to practice my presentation.


Anyway, if you live near Kyoto, please come to the event, it will be nice to see you. There are other interesting presentations, too,  including the one about transition town Kyoto.




Seeds of Sustainability is a 3-day event and you can find out the details below.



On November 5th, Satish Kumar will be in Kyoto, too. When it comes to sustainability, he is one of the most influential thinkers in the world, and you must listen to him. I’ll be going to his talk, too.


I talked about him in my book Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity, too, he is the current editor of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.



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