Abe Regime Seems to Have Won the Election, but This is the Beginning of Their Defeat

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The election is over now. The LDP and Komei Party won, and the parties which support the constitutional reform got two-third of the seats. It is a devastating result.


The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan managed to get a lot of seats, however, and maintained the joint struggle.  It built a stronger tie with citizens by sticking to its original policies, and created the true liberal wing. With the Japanese Communist Party and the SDP, it can work as the true opposition to Abe regime and this joint struggle can gain more support from citizens. Throughout the election, the citizens’ group backed them up and it was a joint struggle among those parties and citizens.


Here in Shiga, the citizens’ group supported the Japanese Communist Party and the SDP, and we had a unique campaign. The JCP and the SDP let us give speeches on their election car, and they listened to our suggestions in how we wanted to campaign, too.



Making videos of the candidate.

A new type of politics is emerging.  This will definitely grow in the next few months and we will defeat the LDP in the next election.


I gave a talk on ZENWSP in Tokyo, too, and it went well.


I am going to give a workshop on December 2nd and 3rd.



I will also give a short presentation at Pechakucha night in Kyoto on November 4th, and I will have to prepare the slides by this Saturday. I may not be able to update this blog until next week.


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