How to Use ZENWSP in Politics: Part1 Think and Act Strategically

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As I said before, one of the reasons I created ZENWSP is to empower sustainable minded people to get into influential position in society.


As John Lennon once said that the world was run by insane people, I feel many of the leaders in politics, business, and many other fields are not mentally healthy, and healthy people need to get our planet back before the leaders destroy it.



Since we had an election, I have been thinking about how we can apply ZENWSP to politics.


One thing we can do is to think and act strategically. I think it lacks in us and that is one of the reasons why we hadn’t been able to beat the opposition who thought and acted strategically.


Another word, we can learn from them. They study human psychology and marketing to find slogans which can get people’s attention. Not attention from people like us but attention from the masses. Talking about peace might draw our attention but most people are not interested in peace. We need to find out what the masses care about and come up with good slogans based on it.


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