Zen and the Art of Eating Part 4: Chewing Is a Form of Fermentation.

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This week, I have been talking about eating since eating is one of the most powerful ways to deprogram ourselves from the old paradigm and help us regain our health, which by the way, is related to wealth as it is shown in their spellings.


Today, I would like to talk about how.


How to eat.


How to eat? What do you mean? We all know how to eat.


Do we really?


Then, how come there are so many diseases out there? If we all knew how to eat, there wouldn’t be so many illnesses.


I said that intestines are the most important organs and how fermented food can help our intestines. I also said that by eating until you are 80% full, you don’t give too much work to the stomach and intestines to digest.


What comes next?




Chewing is the first step of breaking down the food, and it helps your digestion.


However, most of us don’t chew enough. The food is sent to our gut without being broken down completely.


You want to chew a lot.


Chewing is another form of fermenting your food.


To make your chewing easier, you don’t want to put a lot of food in your mouth at the same time. If you put a lot of food, it takes much longer to chew. Eat little by little.


As a matter of fact, chewing can be your meditation. As you chew, you can feel the energy of your food. You can feel how nourishment is spreading to your whole body.


What is interesting is that if you chew a lot, you feel full faster. You don’t need to eat so much to fulfill your hunger.


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