Zen and the Art of Eating Part 5: Why Do We Sometimes See Health Conscious People Getting Sick More Often Than Others?

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This week, I have been talking about eating since eating is one of the most powerful ways to deprogram ourselves from the old paradigm and help us regain our health, which by the way, is related to wealth as it is shown in their spellings.


I have been talking about what we should eat or not eat or how we should eat, but I have a warning to make. You might get unhealthier by listening to my advice.


Do you know any people who practice things I have been recommending, and yet, for some reasons, they often get sick?


If so, how could that be?


Well, one possibility is that these people were often sick before starting this diet and haven’t regained their healthy condition yet. It is often the case that people who have health problems look into this kind of diet.


Another possibility is the placebo effect. When we become health conscious, we tend to be more sensitive to what we eat. Let’s say you decided to eat only organic vegetables, but you can’t always eat organic vegetables because they are not always available. When you eat non-organic vegetables, you feel bad, and that makes you sick. However, if you don’t care about what you eat, you can feel good about anything you eat.


In Japan, we have a saying, A Fool Never Catches a Cold.


The mind is very powerful. We do need to take our psychological aspect into consideration.


Therefore, I wouldn’t worry too much about food. That is another reason you don’t want to hang up on one single issue. Some people make it a strong rule to chew a lot, for instance. If you didn’t chew, you committed a crime or something. There are so many different ways to be healthy; it isn’t the end of the world that you didn’t do one thing.


My way of handling this is to do what I can do, and forget about things I can’t do.


Dining is part of your social life. When you restrict your diet too much, you might end up losing some of your friends: That can be damaging as a business owner; but here is good news. I have heard that 70% of what you eat counts which means 30% doesn’t. If 30% of what you eat doesn’t count, then you can use your 30% when you are around your friends or when you go to visit someone and served a meal not adherent to your diet. That way, your eating lifestyle won’t cost you social life.


When served something you usually don’t eat, you can think positively and appreciate the efforts of the person who cooked the meal, the farmers who produced the products, and the person who served you. Spiritually speaking that can change the vibration of the food.


It is the same when you eat at home, too. I wouldn’t advise you to become so strict about what you eat. To live a truly prosperous life, you need to enjoy eating. 70% of time, you can practice what I said, but time to time you want to let yourself go. Party and drink good wine (preferably organic-haha) and Sake and eat rich, delicious food.


Have you ever heard of Slow Food? It’s an Italian born eating culture. It strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourages farming of plants, seeds, and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem.


I like the fact that it is Italian born. It doesn’t forget to include fun part of dining. It makes sure that dishes are delicious.


Some of the things I have talked about come from Japanese eating culture, and we are often too serious. Everything becomes like a martial art training, which is helpful if you really want to stay healthy, but we need some breaks. Follow the Italian way, time to time.


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