Zen and the Art of Eating Part 3: The Common Secret of People Who Have Lived Over 100 Years.

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What you eat is important and yet if you eat too much nourishment can turn poison; how much you eat is crucial.


In Japan, we have a saying Harahachibunme. It means eat until you are 80% full. Don’t ear until you are completely full but stop at a little bit before.


Recently there was a survey in Japan conducted to 100 people who are over 100 years old, and 60% of them said that the secret to their longevity was eating until they were 80% full.


So, it seems to be the key to our health.


It is similar to another expression called Taruoshiru, which means to be satisfied with your lot in life. It is one of the main concepts in ZENWSP, and knowing the timing that you had enough and having the ability to stop there is the key to sustainability as well as to longevity.


When we go over the limit, we lose our balance. We will be out of natural rhythm, and won’t be able to sustain our prosperity.


Therefore, the most successful people are the ones who can stop at the right timing and not the ones who are listed in billionaires ranking.


Eating less is good for your stomach and intestines since you don’t give them too much work to digest food. In the same way, it is better if you don’t eat between meals to give them enough breaks.


Some people say it is good to skip your breakfast for detoxification. Even if it is difficult to always skip your breakfast, you can skip meals time to time when you are not hungry.


Actually, I am not good at this. I always feel I have to eat something when lunch time comes or dinner time comes, but there are times I am not that hungry. It is a waste, isn’t it?  I need to practice this meal skipping.


Anyway, eat until you are 80% full.


While how much you eat is vital, how you eat is also critical. Let me talk about it tomorrow.


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