What Does It Mean To Shift From the Pyramid Shaped Society To the Sphere Shaped Society?

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Coaching can be a new style of communication, and I feel it is vital to shift our way of communication from teaching to coaching if we want to shift our society from the pyramid shape to the sphere shape.


What are the pyramid shaped society and the sphere shaped society?


Today, we basically live in the pyramid structure where the top 1% holds the majority of the world wealth and controls the society.


Conventional motivational success philosophies have been teaching us to learn from the top 1% or the top 10% so that we could all become part of the capitalist class by being investors or business owners.


The whole concept is based on the pyramid structure, and for the top 10% to enjoy their wealth, they needed the bottom 90% to labor.


You can argue that some of the motivational success philosophies are helping ordinary people succeed so that the wealth is more divided among a larger population, making the top to be the square shape rather than the triangular shape, but still, the bottom remains in the same shape.


As I explained in my book Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity, that I was not interested in such a method, I was interested in a method to succeed in building a society where everybody is free and happy; the society where the wealth is shared among its all members. I call this type of society a sphere shaped society since there are no top and bottom, there are no capital and labor.


In order to come up with a method to create a sphere shaped society, you need to look into all angles; how to set your goal, the type of business you choose, the size of your business, and how to communicate with others.


In the sphere shaped society, not only wealth is shared, but also knowledge is shared. We won’t need experts such as scholars or doctors to teach the layman, we will all be able to access knowledge, as we evolve to be E.I, Enlightened Intelligence. Therefore our communication style changes from teaching to coaching.


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