How Coaching and Natural Farming are Similar and What it Has Got to Do with ZENWSP

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This week, I have been talking about listening because to be able to listen to others is crucial in sustainable prosperity since you want to cooperate with others to build a Sanpo-Yoshi society.


Skills to ask questions is a part of coaching skills. Does it mean learning coaching skills helps you to succeed in the new era?


Yes, I think it does because coaching helps you understand what others want and it helps others to be self-motivated to take action.


Most people are more willing to take action when they come up with an action plan themselves rather than being introduced by others. There is a thing called resistance, and we have all experienced it in one way or another, haven’t we? We don’t like to be told what to do.


You can make a good use of coaching if you are a teacher, manager, sales rep, producer, planner, or whoever you are in a position of influencing others.


Coaching is like natural farming in a sense that you utilize resources within each person. Natural farming is a farming method which utilizes natural resources as much as possible, and we do it by not tilling the land, not weeding too much because microorganism in the soil can help the plants grow and weeds can help the plants grow by attracting insects to them. We let nature take care of everything and do not add unnecessary intervention.


Teaching such as giving answers or advice is like giving fertilizers, and the clients don’t always need them when they have the clues within themselves just like the soil already contains organic fertilizers within.


Having said that, natural farmers do intervene by cutting weeds here and there when they are blocking the sunlight or the wind. Coaches are the same. We help the clients think clearly by asking appropriate questions or sometimes by providing clues.


Coaching can be a new style of communication, and I feel it is vital to shift our way of communication from teaching to coaching if we want to shift our society from the pyramid shape to the sphere shape.


What are the pyramid shaped society and the sphere shaped society?


That’ll be next week’s discussion. Meanwhile, have a great weekend.


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