Kyoto Is a Glocal City Having Both Traditional Culture and Cosmopolitan Atmosphere

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I said that Shiga was much more interesting than Kyoto in one of my posts before-haha, but Kyoto can be exciting, too.

Having lived in the countryside in the last 9 years, I do miss a city life time to time, and visiting Kyoto, which happens to be the nearest big city, is refreshing. On top of that, Kyoto isn’t just a regular city, it is international and yet people there are interested in Japanese culture, which creates different kind of  dynamics from Tokyo.


PechaKucha Night Kyoto was a good example of such an energy. PechaKucha Night is a social event that people can network with one another while listening to some people’s presentations.


20 x 20 means that each presenter shows 20 Powerpoint slides and spends 20 seconds describing each slide.  So it is about 6 minutes altogether making it short and concise.


Presentations were given in English or in Japanese, talking about sustaining traditional farming,






or calligraphy, since the theme of the night was “Inspired by Tradition”.


There was a party time, too.

PechaKucha Night was born in Tokyo but it has gone global, spread to over 900 cities around the world.

Anyway, Kyoto is quite exciting and I do recommend that you visit there.

But don’t forget to come to Shiga-haha, it is just right next to it.






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