This is an Image of a Successful Lifestyle in the New Era

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To sums up my point, this is an image of a successful lifestyle in the new era.


Living in the countryside.

Living in an eco-house or reusing an old house.

Having a small garden and growing your own vegetables.

Riding a bicycle.

Being self-employed, conducting a Sanpo-Yoshi-business and earning enough money to live comfortably but not too much.

By reusing or recycling, reducing living expenses to be able to live comfortably without earning so much.

Eating organic and natural food, including fermented food.

Meditating in the morning or doing some kind of morning ritual.

Spending a lot of time with your family and having a good relationship with your family.

Having a network of friends who have common visions locally.

Participating in political or social activities to shift the society to be sustainable and holistic.

In doing so, being influential by having enough resources such as money or a network of people.


This is just an image, and each element can be different depending on your circumstances, but anyhow, it is quite different from the common image of a successful lifestyle, isn’t it?  If many people start aiming to live like this, don’t you think the world will be a much better place?


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