Why Aren’t the Tips in Motivational Success Philosophies Shared Among People Who Lead Sustainable Ways of Living?

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One of the reasons why I would like to share motivational success philosophies to people who lead sustainable lifestyles is that I don’t feel methods to succeed are introduced to sustainable people so much.


I think there are two reasons for it.


One is that the ways many of the motivational success philosophies are presented don’t appeal to sustainable people, since they stress materialistic success.


The other reason is that many of the people promoting motivational success philosophies aren’t targeting sustainable people, because it isn’t a lucrative market. It is better to target business people or people who have the money and desire to go upward-mobile, if they want to be successful by teaching motivational success philosophies.


No wonder why they entice people with a Porsche, a penthouse suit, or a 10000 dollar monthly income for their seminars.


I criticized that in my book Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity, but they were not contradicting themselves if they were targeting the people who would respond to those catch phrases. They were following their method.


It is a vicious circle that people who are interested in materialistic gains will continue to learn the skills to achieve their goals, but people who are interested in sustainability won’t.


The tips taught in motivational success philosophies such as goal setting, how to plan, how to utilize natural resources, and the law of attraction are very useful: They can not only help your environmentally friendly business, but also they can help your political activities, or other social activities. It is a pity if they are only available to people who are money oriented.


What will happen if we set our goals properly, start planning and taking massive action, utilize natural resources and the law of attraction with the definition of success set by ZENWSP?


Our state of the world will be different.



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