Riding a Bicycle Is a New Status Symbol Of Success

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The Dutch family who stayed with us got me hooked with bike riding. I have been meaning to ride a bicycle a lot more and bought a mountain bike a few years ago, and yet I haven’t done that as much as I would have liked. It is so much easier to get around by car in the countryside. But from now on, I would like to cycle as much as possible to go to places nearby.


There is a success guru in Japan who brags about driving a Ferrari and how everybody should want it in order to upgrade your comfort zone, but I don’t find him cool at all now.


Someone riding a bicycle is much more attractive. It is environmentally friendly for one, and you get physically healthier, and mentally healthier because you are more in tune with nature while you are riding your bike.


And yet, you are wealthy; you have enough money to buy a car, you just make a conscious choice to ride a bicycle.


This way of thinking is very much like that of Omi-merchants. Especially Omi-Hino-merchants didn’t like to show off their wealth. They didn’t have extravagant furniture in their house; they had modest looking furniture which often had skillful craftsman’s work in hidden parts.


Riding a bike is a way to go in sustainable prosperity.


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