Zen and the Art of Glocalization

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I had a wonderful long weekend. I told you yesterday that we had visitors from Holland, well, actually they are a family staying with us on couch-surfing.


On Sunday, we went to Blumen Hugel, an agricultural theme park  near our house. Since it is a German theme park, the Dutch family showed a great interest in going there.





I didn’t think Blumen Hugel would appeal to foreign visitors, but they seemed to have enjoyed it, plus it satisfied their curiosity of how a German park was portrayed in Japan.


In the evening, we visited our Bolivian friend Miguel and his wife Hiromi who are part of the local network in Hino, since the Dutch family has been to Bolivia. We had Bolivian, Dutch, and Japanese dishes and had an international evening, speaking in English, Spanish, and Japanese.

It is nice to have a local base; having a down to earth and sustainable life, but it is also fun to travel time to time or have visitors from other countries to enjoy the global culture.


It was my son’s birthday yesterday, and we had a party for him on Monday. Some of my son’s friends came as well and we all celebrated his birthday.




It must have been a memorable birthday for him, and I hope it will stay in his mind helping him grow up to be a person with global consciousness.

As a matter of fact, Omi-merchants were travelering merchants; they were mediators of cultures.




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