Satoyama Cycling Can Be A New Form of Green Tourism In Hino

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We had visitors from Holland on the long weekend and we did a lot of cycling.


Like many Dutch people, they ride their bikes to go everywhere including to their work places.  Following their tradition, I decided to take them on our a little cycling tour, which I am developing. First, we rode our bikes along rice paddies.



It is about 20 minute bike ride to Watamuki Shrine.


Then, to Omi-Hino-Merchant-Furusato-Museum.


We had a guided tour about Omi-Hino-merchants.


After the museum, we went to a riverside near Hinogawa-dam, and had a picnic.



It was the first time to take tourists on this route, but it turned out to be a splendid bike ride.

My guess was right. I thought foreign visitors would enjoy this bike ride, and they did.


On another day, we cycled to Shakunage gorge. The first 1 km or so, we had to cycle uphill, but once we got to the top, we could cycle downhill and it was a fabulous ride.


In Shakunage gorge, we took a beautiful walk in the forest. I wasn’t sure about this second route because there were ups and downs but it also turned out be a pleasant bike ride.  Even my son made it; he only learned to ride a bicycle a month ago.

I am getting really into cycling now. I would like to ride my bike more often, and sometime in the future I want to take my son on a cycling tour around Europe.






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