How to Utilize the Law of Attraction by Visualizing Your Goal

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In the last two posts, I have talked about the dark side and the light side of the law of attraction. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t apply just to the law of attraction; it applies to almost everything. It applies to money as I discussed before, it applies to political actions as some of them turn into terrorism, it applies to eco-village building as some of the communities have turned into cults, and it applies to spiritual practices as many of them turn into cults or commercialized business enterprises.


The activity itself is neutral, but it can become positive or negative depending on how we relate to it.


In the case of the law of attraction, how you set your goal will be significant. I can’t explain how to do it here since it needs a lot of pages, but I described it in detail in my book, so if you are interested, please read it.


Once you have a Sanpo-Yoshi goal, how can you manifest it through the law of attraction?


According to the law of attraction, whatever you focus on, you will draw it. Therefore you want to think about your goal as much as possible. You need to believe that you are achieving your goal.


How do you believe it?


The best way is to do a visualization exercise every day. When I say to visualize, I actually mean to use many senses to imagine a scene.


Here is how you can do it.


Assume your goal is to be an established Shiatsu practitioner in 7 years’ time. Below is the multi-sensory visualization exercise you will need.


1, You will start by picking up a scene that communicates success to you. It could be something such as seeing yourself giving a Shiatsu demonstration in front of an audience.


2, Now start imagining that scene using as many senses as possible. First, you can use visual. What do you see right now? Where are you? What does the room you are in look like? Is the room colorful? What are the colors of the floors and walls? What kind of clothes are the people in the audience wearing? How about the person you are giving Shiatsu to?


3, Next, use your sense of hearing. Start paying attention to the sound in the room. What are you hearing? Is there any music? Is anybody talking? Do you hear any movements?


4, Then, you pay attention to your physical sensations. How does your body feel? You are giving Shiatsu to the person acting as the guinea pig, how is the person’s body? Is it tense? Do you smell anything in the room?


5, Lastly, start paying attention to your emotion. How do you feel now that you have accomplished your goal? Are you happy? At this point, you should feel like a star in the room where everyone is giving you all their attention. Stay with that feeling of happiness and satisfaction for a few seconds and then slowly end the visualizing exercise.


The emotion is the most important element of the exercise. When you are doing it, you can let yourself feel happy and satisfied strongly since these are the feelings that will attract the reality you desire toward you. It is good to practice this exercise once a day. If that is too much, you can do it two or three times a week. The more you can maintain this feeling of happiness and satisfaction on a daily basis, the more likely you will attract your outcome.


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