How to Utilize Your Past Successful Experiences to Optimize the Power of the Law of Attraction

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My son finally learned to ride a bicycle. I am so happy. I have been waiting for this moment so long. Now we can ride our bikes together, visiting a lake nearby or cycling through rice paddies.


In the last post, I introduced a method to visualize your goal. Have you tried it? Could you see the scene clearly? How about the sound? How about the feeling? Were you able to have the feeling of happiness and satisfaction?


If you couldn’t feel it clearly, you need to practice it. It takes time to be able to see, hear and feel the scene distinctly.


One of the reasons why we can’t feel it fully is because it hasn’t happened yet. We haven’t experienced it yet, and therefore it is difficult to imagine the scene.


This is more so for those of us who lead sustainable lifestyles. We have limited successful experiences. Therefore, we don’t have an unwavering belief that the outcome will materialize for sure. A part of us continually doubts the vision we have.


This is precisely the reason why successful people always succeed and people with less fortune never achieve things. If you have been successful, you are more likely to be able to believe in your next success, but if you haven’t been lucky in this department, you have a doubt about it, and when you visualize your goal, the fear that you may fail again outweighs the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Therefore instead of attracting your desired outcome, you are unconsciously attracting a fearful future.


There is a way out.


There is one thing that all of us can do even though we haven’t had a major success in our life before. Using your past successful experiences. Most of us have some experiences of manifesting realities which once had been our dreams.


How many of us are living in neighborhoods we once dreamed of living in? How many of us dreamt of having a life partner and now have one? How many of us are in a field of work we always wanted to work in? How many of us are now in shape after working out for some time? How many of us desired to drive a car when we were a teenager and now drive one? And, how many of us are riding a bike that we weren’t able to when we were a little kid?


We should take advantage of small victories such as the ones stated above. Unfortunately, many of us don’t see them as success. We say things like, “So what if I’m married? Everyone is. I can’t call that a success.” When we hear that driving a car is a success, we say things like, “I drive a Honda Civic; success is driving a BMW.” However, the main question is, wasn’t there a time we didn’t have all these things, and we desperately needed them?


When I moved from Tokyo to the countryside about 10 years ago, I had a problem of getting to most places using public transportation. I bought a scooter because I couldn’t afford a car. I rode it everywhere.


Even in cold winter days, I often rode to places that were 40 kilometers away, and it used to take me over two hours. When I would finally get to my destination, my feet, and hands were nearly frozen. Also, Japan has a law that limits everyone driving a scooter to only 30 kilometers per hour and the cars would whizz me by every time I was on the road. I felt bad, and I wished I could go faster, I wished for warmth and the ability to listen to music like the people riding in cars. Now that I drive a car, I am so grateful. It might not be a BMW, but it was a dream came true for me. I can now drive fast, be warm, and listen to music.


Many of us refuse to see our small victories as forms of success, and we say the law of attraction doesn’t work. However, if you really think about it, many things that have manifested in your life are things you once wished you had or could experience. This is proof that the law of attraction works.


So if you have trouble visualizing the future scene, start from the past. Remember the times when your dream came true and appreciate them. Since they have already happened to you, it is easier to relive the feeling of satisfaction. The key is the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. If you can constantly feel happy and satisfied, you will be more likely to be in tune with the law of attraction; hence you will be able to manifest things you desire more.



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