How to Tune into the Light Side of the Law of Attraction

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By the way, if you are just interested in making a lot of money, don’t read this blog or my book, you probably won’t get much out of it. You are better off listening to people who claim to have been earning a million dollars a year, and you will probably get ahead for a certain degree in your quest to be financially well off.


However, if your quest includes a path to enlightenment, you may want to pay a slight attention to this, because the next few years will be a crucial moment in our history and your journey of evolution. You want to be in the right stream because different streams will take you to different parts of the sea.


The vibration you will project in the next few years is relevant to how much you can go ahead in your journey. If you are focusing on just material possessions or one-way-satisfaction-success, you will be pulled toward the world whose vibration matches it. That is another meaning of the law of attraction. Yes, you will attract what you want if that is what you really want.


In this sense, it is true that the law of attraction is neutral and there is no morality attached to it: You are free to use it in any way you want, and in return, you are responsible for anything you get with it.


It applies to the physical world, too. You will be attracting a kind of people who like material possessions or one-way-satisfaction-success.


On the other hand, if you focus on Sanpo-Yoshi-success, you will be drawing a kind of people who like three-way-satisfaction-success and can cooperate with you to share financial, environmental, and spiritual abundance.


And this element is significant: The fact that you can cooperate with others.


Despite the fact that the world of energy is neutral, there are differences between the energy of the dark side and that of the light side.


The former is very powerful and works with strong desire and concentration. The reason why some influential figures can manifest their invincible might is that their desire to win and be number one is so strong that they magnetize it through the law of attraction.


The latter works more softly, but when the people who tune into this energy cooperate, the power multiplies. When your desire is in accordance with the cosmic world, you will get their assistance, too. The effect is not as fast and vigorous as that of utilizing the former energy, it is slow and soft, but it expands gradually in all directions such as the seven elements of sustainable prosperity, eventually you will be filled with much more stable feeling of satisfaction.


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