Is Money the Source of Evil?

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How many of you have a problem with money? I mean you wish you had more. What you have is okay but with it, you can just survive, and you could use a little more to travel and do other things that you want to do.


I think many people who lead sustainable ways of living have this problem. I had, and I still do to some extent.


I think it is a pity because we are the people who can create a lot of positive changes in the world, but the lack of money is holding us back.


There are many things we can do to break out of this pattern, but the first thing and the biggest thing is to change our perception of money.


For many years I had had a negative image of money, and it had probably been the core cause of being rather underprivileged. Yes, I had always been short of money and barely managing to pay bills each month. I told myself that it was okay to be poor, since I was environmentally friendly, spiritual, socially just, and doing all good things to the world. Money was the source of evil anyway.


When I looked at others who were rather well off, managing to establish themselves in their fields, I was critical that they were clever enough to be able to prioritize their success over integrity when they had to choose between the two.


Well, with this kind of mentality, I could never be successful. I would always be afraid of being judged.


Yes, I felt guilty of making money.


To change this belief, first, we need to reexamine this notion that money is the source of evil.


So, is it?


To be continued.



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