I wrote a novel based on natural farming

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In March 2008, I started learning natural farming, and in the summer of that year I moved from Tokyo to Tochigi to prepare for a financial meltdown that some people had predicted.


I just read my old blog today to check the fact, and remembered that between May and August, I was writing a book called The Complete Guide for Survival in the Time of Great Transition.


It seems that I was pretty serious about this economic collapse scenario. I wasn’t shifting to a self-sufficient life just out of interest in a rural life; it was a matter of life and death for me.


I have forgotten all about it.


In that case, I was already behind the schedule since the Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers occurred on September 15 and I only managed to publish The Complete Guide for Survival in the Time of Great Transition on August 8th and moved out of Tokyo a little after that.


I began my semi-self-sufficient life in Tochigi while learning natural farming.


Luckily, we did avoid the financial meltdown, and the economic system managed to continue, but I knew it was just the beginning of it all.


In 2010, I wrote a novel called Hyakusho Revolution, which is about surviving a great transition. It begins with a big earthquake in Tokyo, followed by a financial meltdown. The Japanese government stops functioning soon after that, and the distribution of food and oil stops, which leads to a chaos, and many people die of hunger and disease.


There is a self-sufficient ecovillage in Tochigi where they grow food with natural farming, and many people from Tokyo seek refuge there.


In the novel, I portrayed the entire process of rice growing using Kawaguchi style natural farming in great detail. I couldn’t have written it if I hadn’t studied at Marugasaki Natural Farming Group.


Strangely, Hyakusho Revolution was published just one month before the Great East Japan earthquake, like The Complete Guide for Survival in the Time of Great Transition being published about a month before the Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.


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