Is Money the Source of Evil? Part2

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It is true that many evils are because of people’s greed for money. The money related corruptions are something we see on a daily basis in our society. We have all seen countless examples of people prioritizing profit over doing the right thing.


Money has corrupted our financial system, and the situation worsens when you consider that many people are willing to do everything they can to grow. That includes doing all sorts of immoral things such as investing in the war business.


If money is that wicked, what should we do? Some people have suggested that we need to stay away from legal currencies like the yen or dollars and shift to the battering system or the local currency so we can change our current financial system that encourages social evils.


I agree with them, and I think that is an option we have, but before we come to any conclusion, let’s look at positive things we can do with money.


Money helps us provide our families with basic needs. Money also helps us enhance our local economy because it allows us to support one another through the buying of food from the local farmers, buying of organic clothes from the community, and the buying of the local wood. In short, it supports our Sanpo-Yoshi businesses.


Money can also help us support politicians who work to make our society more sustainable. It helps us promote our books and movies that have transforming messages. With money, we can also uplift the lives of people in the third world countries by building schools or by building shelters.


As you can see, money has both pros and cons. And therefore, in reality, we can say money is neutral. Which means it is up to you to decide whether money will be positive or negative to you.


Here is the thing; even if we do all those good things with money, we are still part of the financial system that gives money an evil look when we use legal currencies.


What are we supposed to do?


To be continued.

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