How to shift your mental focus

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There is a good video to watch when you encounter an ordeal. Yesterday morning I was very depressed because nobody had left a review yet, but this video came to my attention just at the right timing. After watching it, I felt completely different. Mark Manson reminded me of something very important; how to shift your mental focus.


It is one of Marie Forleo’s videos. Marie Forleo has been my inspiration, by the way. She is very balanced and integrated. She covers topics on financial success, physical health and mental health, as well as spiritual growth. She is one of the few self-help coaches I recommend. She often interviews people in her videos, and I am fascinated by the way she interviews them. She always starts the interviews by giving great compliments to the guests, but they aren’t just diplomatic remarks, she does her homework. She reads their books for example, and tells them what specifically she liked about their books.


In this video, Marie interviews Mark Manson.**ks&utm_medium=Broadcast&utm_source=Email&utm_term=NewsletterList&utm_content=HowToStopCaringAboutThingsThatDontMatterWithMarkManson


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