How to deal with a situation when nobody has left a review of your book

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It has been over a week since I released the Kindle book, and nobody has left a review on Amazon book page. During the free promotion week, over 200 people downloaded the book, and some of them may have finished reading it by now.


So, how come?


Does it mean the book really sucks-haha?


It is possible. No matter how confident I am with the work as the author, it is very likely that the readers don’t feel the same way. I have been writing long enough to know that.


It is also possible that many people haven’t finished reading it, because it is relatively a long book. Mind you, it isn’t long at all as a paper book, but as an e-book maybe it is slightly longer than other books. People are busy these days in the age of information; we are used to consuming tons of information which are expressed in short sentences. We just don’t have time to sit down and stay with one piece of information long enough, especially when it is digital.


Anyway, it is disappointing and embarrassing.


It is embarrassing because this is a book on success and I am supposed to be successful. What kind of book is that if it can’t even get a single review?


I don’t recommend you writing a book on success because it has this kind of pressure-haha.


So why am I sharing this on the blog? It is even more embarrassing to reveal it; most people don’t even notice it.


Well, I think it is perfect timing to walk my talk. I did talk about positive thinking in the book and now is the time to apply it. It is a kind of ordeal many people go through. Life is tough. Things don’t go so smoothly. Even though you put so much energy into it; devising the content, putting it in the form of a book, writing it in a language that is not your mother tongue, following a method to promote your Kindle book, it happens.


It is excruciating.


Nevertheless, it’s not what happens, but what I do with the situation that matters.


So how do I deal with this situation?


First, I will calm down, and wait and see. I am sure there will be some reviews in the future. It was the same when I published my novel Hyakusho Revolution; nobody was writing reviews in their blogs or newsletters in the first month. I thought the book was a total failure. My previous novel Tenjo-no-Symphony had many positive reviews within the first few weeks, so not having any reviews after a month meant the book was a total disaster.


But then a few months later, some people started liking the book; not just liking it, loving it. Since then many people have read the book, and I have received tons of positive feedbacks.


So, you never know.


Another thing I will do is to understand the message of this situation.


What is the message then? What is it telling me?


The fact that things don’t go smoothly, in the beginning, might mean that I need to work harder to promote the book. In the case of Hyakusho Revolution, I didn’t do anything. Well, we had the accident at the nuclear power station in Fukushima, exactly one month after the book release, and the whole country was in chaos, and I was devastated emotionally from the accident as I described in Zen and a Sustainable Prosperity. I didn’t have any energy left to promote the book. But then I didn’t do much even after recovering from my depression.


This time, it might mean I should play more active role in promoting the book. If I really care about the content and want to spread the message, I shouldn’t give up so easily, and I should keep taking action until I see some result. Because, that is what it takes to achieve something. Usually, it is normal not to get any reviews since I am a new writer in English speaking countries and not known at all. It does take time and a lot of effort to earn success.


I have been lucky in a way since I have been saved by the law of attraction, and things just happened without my effort, but this time, I need to develop the Yang side of the success formula.


So, please leave a review if you finished reading it-haha. I’ll be so happy that I’ll jump and run around the rice fields exclaiming with joy.

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