Two things in the law of attraction I was put off by

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I like the law of attraction and I know it works, but there are two things I am not sure about the way it is presented or at least, the way it is interpreted by some people.


Let me share one of them today.


The law of attraction’s main concept is that your mental state can magnetize the reality you experience. If you think positive, you will manifest a positive reality, and if you think negative, you will manifest a negative reality. Whatever you focus on will be materialized. Therefore it is better to think positive and visualize the reality you would like to attract.
Many people, including spiritual people, try to visualize living in a mansion with a swimming pool. driving a Porsche, or having a billion dollars in their bank account, following this law.  However, they don’t seem to think about the ways of manifesting them or consequences of manifesting them.


Having practiced spirituality for over 30 years, I have a problem with this. I think the ways you manifest things are as important as what you manifest, if you want to be spiritually enlightened, too.Some people interpret the law of attraction to be  like a scientific law which isn’t affected by morality, but I think everything you do and everything you think has a consequence in another spiritual law.


I wouldn’t say  that no one can serve two masters, there are ways to integrate the two, but it doesn’t mean anything is okay.


The law of attraction is an advanced technique and it should be dealt with care, because it is powerful. If  you are desiring a mansion with a swimming pool, probably you are not operating in high frequency,anyway, and to use the law of attraction at this stage can be dangerous.


I am going to talk about the second thing in the law of attraction I was put off by, in the next post.

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