Does the protest movement produce negative vibration?

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I sometimes hear from people who live according to the law of attraction that they don’t want to take part in protest marches. They say that at those demonstrations often people are angry and they produce negative vibration. By not wanting wars or nuclear power stations, they are focusing on those thoughts and end up attracting wars and nuclear power stations contrary to their intentions.


I see their point. It is partially true that if you don’t want something strongly, you are focusing on it and you might attract it according to the law of attraction. It doesn’t matter whether you want something or don’t want something, you are still thinking about it. Therefore it is better to make your thoughts affirmative such as wanting peace or wanting alternative energy if you want to manifest positive realities.


I respect their decision not to participate in demonstrations.


Having said that, I feel a little disappointed by it because I also know that those people are not necessarily taking alternative actions such as organizing demonstrations with positive slogans. I wonder whether they genuinely care about peace or they are just using the law of attraction as an excuse not to take any action.


I do think demonstrations need to be improved. As a matter of fact, it has improved a lot over the decades. Demonstrations we have today are very different from those in the 60s. They are more positive, and sometimes they are more like festivals than protest marches. And yet there are so many people at demonstrations, there may be people with negative slogans.


I feel that people who follow the law of attraction are a little overreacting to negative thoughts in general. Sometimes they seem to be suppressing their negative thoughts.


I personally don’t think negative thoughts are all bad. This is something I learned from natural farming.  Everything in nature has a role to play. Every weed or every insect has its place in natural kingdom. It is the same with human emotions. Even anger can sometimes play a big role in helping us to stand up. Having courage and standing up for justice is very much a spiritual act. On the other hand ignoring or overseeing injustice isn’t.


I think the protest movement is effective in changing the society. The countries with a big protest movement have changed their systems. I would like to see more people who are interested in the law of attraction playing active roles in social matters.

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