Success motivational philosophies don’t question the economic system

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Our economic system is far from win-win. Corporations are getting bigger and bigger absolving other corporations. A few gigantic corporations are dominating most of the market, not leaving shares to other smaller companies. A gap between rich and poor is expanding. The wealth is concentrated in the top 1% and their wealth is growing day by day.


Our economy is relying on fossil fuel, too. If we continue to manufacture products in the present pace, we will soon use up all earth resources.


I don’t want to go into details of this because there is already so much information on this topic and you can read about it elsewhere if you want to know more, but the bottom line is that our economic system today isn’t sustainable.


However, success motivational philosophies usually don’t look at this element. They focus on how, not what. They study some of the most successful people and learn their ways of thinking,  ways of managing time, and ways of taking action.


Some of them are great. They think positive, they manage time efficiently, they are always motivated and, they take massive action. But what about the way they  build their wealth?


Is it sustainable?



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