What’s wrong with CSR?

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What’s wrong with CSR?


The reason why I said that Sanpo-yoshi in today’s context should be more than ccorporate social responsibility is that I don’t feel CSR is enough to create a happy society.


Corporate social responsibility is great but I know some big corporations are doing it while they are very much part of the globalized economic system.


It is almost like saying I stole your house and all of your furniture, and I feel a little bad about it, so I am returning your TV back.


Okay, I am a little overstating. There must be truly good companies out there, too, who practice corporate social responsibility. Generally speaking, corporate social responsibility is great and I encourage many companies to do it.


On the other hand, we need to look into the economic system itself when we think of a business model that truly becomes beneficial to the society.


This is precisely the point that I feel missing in most success motivational philosophies.


The economic system we live in today.

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